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Taste The Heat

Winner of the Global Hot Sauce Award's 
held in Western Australia,  Kendall was voted to win both awards out of eight countries and countless nominees.  Kendall was also the first person to start live interviews at hot sauce and spicy food events all across the United States and Canada. Blazing a path for others to follow in his footsteps.  Kendall was also the originator of the first Spicy Food Talk Show on facebook called 
 (that can be found both on Facebook and YouTube


Freedom Hot Sauce

WING SAUCE from FREEDOM HOT SAUCE.  This is an amazing wing sauce! It starts with the blend of cayenne and habanero pepper mash, with a splash of white vinegar.  Then a nice punch of garlic and lime juice, but what really brings the flavor is the addition of butter to give this sauce a wonderful rich buttery flavor you've come to expect from a true wing sauce. The heat level is mild, but matches the flavor spot on. You better get two bottles because your going to love it!

TASTE.. 10 out of 10
HEAT.. 4 out of 5


JALAPEÑO from FREEDOM HOT SAUCE. This is one of the best Jalapeño hot sauces I've had.  It has an extremely fresh jalapeño flavor and a wonderful addition of lime juice and pimentos that mixes in fantastic with all the other ingredients. You will also enjoy the punch of garlic.  The addition of canola oil makes this sauce very creamy and easy to use becauce it will stay on your food without running all over your plate.  

TASTE.. an easy 10 out of 10
HEAT.. 4 out of 10


HABANERO from FREEDOM HOT SAUCE. The habanero pepper is definitely the star of this sauce.  Its rich slightly fermented habanero flavor comes from the habanero mash in this sauce. The only other flavor you will find is from vinegar and a pinch of salt.  So if your love the flavor of a true habanero pepper hot sauce, then this is the sauce for you.

TASTE.. 9 out of 10
HEAT.. 6 out of 10


CAYENNE from FREEDOM HOT SAUCE.  This sauce is made in the same way their HABANERO sauce is made.  Its rich in cayenne pepper flavor, slightly fermented from the mash, with a splash of vinegar and a pinch of salt.  This sauce has much more cayenne flavor than the big brand name sauce we have all had.  

TASTE.. 9 out of 10
HEAT.. 4 out of 10


ORIGINAL from FREEDOM HOT SAUCE.  You will find a perfect balance of both heat and flavor in this original hot sauce from Freedom Hot Sauce. It has a mixture of different flavors that will burst on your palate in every drop.  Red peppers, vinegar, salt, garlic, pimentos, jalapeños, lime juice and spices are blended together to bring you a rich complex sauce that would work as a table sauce to a stake sauce.  pour it on and enjoy the flavor of freedom. 

TASTE.. 8.5 out of 10
HEAT.. 4.5 out of 10

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